World of Shadows: the beginning of Guild War epoch

Millions of Warriors, Monks and Magicians were waiting for this moment: they built up their strength and courage for the most epic battles!

Now the great event happened: the epoch of Guild Wars begins!

Rejoice, courageous heroes of guilds! Now you can show your valour by taking part in great battles for capturing of the Castles:


 Avernus is a majestic castle, towering over the ruins of the destroyed city.

Only the most courageous heroes will be able to capture the castle, because ancient entity from the abode of the dead  still hovers in the vicinity of the Castle.


Pandemonium is the ancient Palace of the underworld with innumerable hordes of demons. Only the most courageous heroes will be able to protect the world of mortals from the innumerable army of demons.

Tartaros is a defiled citadel of balance and a horrifying rock of Chaos, which cannot be felt by the mind of mortals.

Only the most fearless heroes will be able to come out to meet this source of cursing and resist his mighty power.


Drifting in the vast emptiness Nexus hides a being of incredible magical force.

Only the most courageous heroes will be able to get inside the great mystery.

The new epoch of great battles and victories has started! Glory and trophies should be owned by the strongest!

November 2th, 2012