M1 Fighter - fights for strong ones!

Share the ring with MMA stars! More than 50 real fighters and the Legend of ultimate fighting – Fedor Emelianenko in new game M1 Fighter!

Famous trainers will teach you special ways of fighting with different punches which allow you to get the title of MMA champion on udar.mobi!

Strong champion’s character is made of exhausting workouts and aching phalanxes and not of lazy dreaming.
The way of champion begins with old gym and shabby punching bag. 

Here you can learn new fighting strategies and train them to perfection.

Begin with street fights to gain useful skills in short time. And a good opportunity to apply these skills will appear soon.

Fair fights will take you to the top of martial arts. Competing in fights you’ll gain not only fame but also lots of money and very useful relations.

Game features:
  • Official game created in the partnership with M1 Fighter Russia and real MMA fighters including the Legend of ultimate fights Fedor Emelianenko!
  • Unique ways of development – grow and develop yourself to become a real fighter.
  • Original fighting system –  learn to think of your next punch in short time and notice your rival’s tactics at the same time.
  • Training flexibility: great quantity of different punches – everything as in real life!
  • Original clothes and outfit shop.

Just enter the ring and dare to win!

November 24th, 2012