Fullmetall Legion runs Tanks War

Battlefields are all in smoke and metal scratching: the tank war is in progress!

It seems that nothing can stop uncountable tank legion of invaders: steel monsters are crossing the field with deafening roar on sleg.mobi... 

Are you crazy about military equipment? So use armored machines on tracks from up-to-date ones to rare XX century machines.
But if you are skillful person in leading tanks battles therefore an old but practical T-18 will be useful enough at the battlefields.

Build your own military base to get the opportunity to train your soldiers, lead your tank crew, take a look at storage of military equipment and even run the military factories!
  • Different weapon and battle tactics will help you to get essential experience and enjoy sweet taste of victory!
  • A lot of different machines and their upgrades made accurately with pleasure.
  • Carry out lots of fascinating operations to make your enemies thrilling with fear.
  • Research new technologies and develop your military base to use your own know-how in the battle.
  • Take part in diversions and reconnaissance: is it been long when you last daubed your face with soot and laid anti-tank mines, isn’t it? 
  • Great quantity of special equipment and tank upgrades – kill your enemies while they will be captured with viewing your new tank features!

Are you ready to lead your own Fullmetal Legion? World tank supremacy depends on you!

September 17th, 2012