Generals: it's time to lead your army!

Every real he-man has to take part in war and you know that you are ready for the feat of arms. 

Imagine that you are just a greenhorn in ward of experienced major. 

Since that moment you'll learn everything about the war: how to handle super powerful weapon, find out secret information being at the rear of the enemies, recruit subversives and hired servants, dig trenches and build barracks.

Earn money and experience, show your outstanding abilities in battles to become a general and make war!

  • Different battle tactics – check them up on enemy troops!
  • Russian roulette, carousals and other mini-games: try your luck!
  • Up-to-date weapon and technics – feel the force of steel monsters!
  • Collection of captured ears – make your enemies tremble with fear!


Your strategic talent will be useful in battles and war will show what kind of character have you got. Are you experienced sordier or just a greenhorn?

All Battlegates team has made an excellent job and we are sure that Playtox players will enjoy!

September 3th, 2012