Playtox Launches Signature Mobile Game Title ‘My Farm’ in the U.S.


Playtox,the leading mobile game developer of free-to-play browser games, today announced the U.S. launch of its popular Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, My Farm. The release of the mobile browser game also comes as the company marked the major milestone of 45 million players worldwide, showcasing the strong interest in Playtox’s game titles.

With 10 million My Farm users in Eastern Europe and a 60 percent retention rate, the game is offered in both high-definition and light versions to better serve mobile users. It is compatible with all feature phones and smart phones with web capabilities, unlike other app-based mobile games that later build companion apps for social networking sites. My Farm is free to play and does not require a downloaded app to function. It has soared in popularity largely because of the ability to play with or against millions of others rather than only those in your social network, giving players the opportunity to connect with new people, integrate and expand their social media pages and make new online friends.

“The U.S. launch of My Farm aligns perfectly with our mission to design games around a highly social yet mobile audience of more than 45 million that enjoys interacting with people from all over theworld,” said Artem Zinoviev, CEO of Playtox.

“By focusing on mobile browsers as the primary method of gameplay, we've removed a lot of the issues that go hand-in-hand with other popular games, including downloads, constant updates and the limited ability to connect with players outside of your own social networks. Our designers put hours of work into HTML5 animations and art comparable to native app graphics to improve the way we enjoy mobile games,” added Dmitry Sergeev, founder and chief strategy officer of Playtox.

In My Farm, players create their own farms, make their own exotic islands, grow different types of plants and crops and tend to farm animals. Hundreds of goals and tasks allow the player to earn rare seeds, diamonds and fuel. To play the game on your device, simply type in your mobile browser and start farming.

With recent funding from Runa Capital, Playtox is planning additional releases of games in the U.S. and other regions and continues to extend its HTML5 technologies into its MMO line-up.

July 23th, 2013